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Bald Mountain, Pinenut Range, May 6, 2017

For years, on many occasions after a snow storm, I would look up at the mountains we can see from the deck of our house and see a nice looking snow patch form on Bald Mountain in the southern part of the Pinenut Range. Often this snow patch would disappear after a few days. However, this winter I noticed that the snow up there had staying power. It was time to ski it. Since there were afternoon thunderstorms predicted, a quick morning mission was in order. This meant driving part way up the road to 7,200 ft. and "storming the castle" to the top of the snow just below the 9,228 ft. peak of Bald Mountain.

Makisha takes in the view on the way up.

Michele saw some oil beetles.
oil beetles

I saw a rubber boa.
rubber boa

A view of the Sweetwater Mountains.
Sweetwater Mountains

You can see Topaz Lake in the background of this selfie.

After my first run I did a hike/traverse over to a longer patch to skier's right. Here is a three picture self-timer sequence:

Makisha in the foreground with the snow patches below Bald Mountain in the background.
Stev continues down.

Penny at the top of the last snow patch.

Makisha watches Stev ski down the last snow patch.
Makisha and Stev

The storm kicked in while I was taking my boots off. Even though we were soaked by the time we got back to the truck, this was well worth it.

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