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Big Springs Road, February 29, 2020

The unseasonably warm and dry weather made me think about late spring patchskiing in what should be the middle of winter. My wife Michele and I took our dogs Penny and Zooey on a recon mission up Big Springs Road.

Zooey and Penny encouraging Stev to skin up Big Springs Road.
Zooey, Penny, and Stev

After looking at our possible destinations, we settled on the north patch of Dome Two.

Stev looking over at the Distant Sisters in the Sweetwater Mountain Range. I might use this for my next album cover photo. It has a song titled Distant Sisters.
Stev looking at the Distant Sisters in the Sweetwater Mountains

Stev starts down below Dome Two...
...Penny watches Stev skiing below a sunbeam...
Penny and Stev
...Stev skis further down...

Penny, snowshoeing Michele, and Zooey with Dome Two in the background.
Penny, Michele, and Zooey

Cross-country skiing Michele, Penny, and Zooey.

Michele, Penny, and Zooey

We are looking forward to Mother Nature bringing back more winter and snow to make for bigger snow patches this spring, summer, and autumn.

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