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Dunderberg Peak, June 29, 2018, One

Makisha and Penny join us for Kavanaugh Ridge views, skiing Hidden "Glacier" and Jack's "Glacier" along with flowers and doggie glamour shots.

Penny and Michele on Kavanaugh Ridge.
Penny and Michele

Makisha enjoying the view from Kavanaugh Ridge.

Tenacious Penny on Kavanaugh Ridge.

Penny looking over at Dunderberg Peak.
Penny and Dunderberg Peak


Michele and Makisha hiking.
Michele and Makisha

We passed Jack's "Glacier" on our hike up. We would return here on our way back down.

Makisha, Dunderberg Peak and Jack's "Glacier."

Michele, Penny swimming, Dunderberg Peak, and Jack's "Glacier."
Michele and Penny

Dunderberg Peak and Jack's "Glacier."

Stev bootpacking up Hidden "Glacier."

Stev starts down Hidden "Glacier."

Stev finds some smooth snow as a break from the suncups on Hidden "Glacier."

After navigating some runnelled suncups on Hidden "Glacier" we headed back over to Jack's "Glacier" for some smoother snow.

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