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  Dunderberg's Right Shoulder, Dusk Patrol, May 2, 2013

Before skiing Dunderberg's Right Shoulder we attempted to ski another patch. A patch too far, without a bridge.

This is what we saw at the beginning of our attempted approach:

It looked close.

However, when we thought we were nearly there, first we heard rapidly running water in a creek and then saw a creek with steep walls lined with many willow branches...
Spence continues to look for a safe crossing. After 45 minutes of looking and having no paddle and no bridge, we looked elsewhere.

We next headed to Dunderberg's Right Shoulder. At 6:45 PM the snow seemed to still be a little soft. However, after 45 minutes of hiking and gearing up, the snow significantly did a refreeze and firmed up.

Spence restarts...

Stev restarts...

Video of Stev skiing (Be sure to turn up the volume to really hear the snow)

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