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Dunderberg, October 29, 2016
Some recent high level snowfall fueled the desire to make some turns on new snow. Dunderberg would be the location of a snow seeking recon mission. Since there was no snow at the first turnoff (Elevation 9,500 ft.)we headed further up the road. A big snowdrift at around the 10,000 ft. elevation meant we would have to hike up from there.

Michele hiking up.

After about 40 minutes of hiking I made it to Jack's Lake.
A panoramic view across Jack's Lake looking up at Dunderberg Peak.

I would ski back from near here.

Penny with Mono Lake in the background.

A sequence of Stev skiing his first run.
Penny and Stev

Penny and Makisha with Michele's shadow looking like she is wearing stilts.
Penny and Makisha

Stev taking a second run.

Stev taking another run on one of Dunderberg's glades.

Stev stops for a selfie before starting another run.

The recon mission was a success. The snow that was found was even better than expected.

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