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Dunderberg, November 19, 2017

A recent snowfall that came in with a high snow level meant that a location with high elevation would be desirable. The turnoff for Dunderberg, Green Creek Road, starts off at around 9,500 feet. When we arrived there was over a foot of snow covering the road. This would provide good crosscountry skiing for my wife Michele, a solid skin in for me, and plenty of fun for our dogs Makisha and Penny.

Previous winds did an interesting job of filling in the lower shoulder area of Dunderberg Peak. The one foot plus of snow could be anywhere from zero to three feet deep depending on where the wind moved it. The snow texture was also very variable. There was wind packed snow that felt similar to a freezer that was overdue to be defrosted, breakable crust over a foot of dust, and even a little fluffy powder in the protected tree areas.

Stev skis the lower shoulder area of Dunderberg...
...then skis toward Penny...
Stev and Penny

Further down Stev is gliding past the glade.

Makisha and Penny join Michele on the way back down Green Creek Road.
Makisha, Penny, and Michele
Makisha, Penny, and Michele

On the way back we noticed that there seemed to be snow coverage in some areas below Green Creek Road. So I picked a line that would take me down to Virginia Lakes Road.

Stev skiing further down.

It felt good to ski fresh winter snow in an area I had skied previously during the springtime.

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