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  Ebbetts Pass, June 5, 2016
Sharing joy and beauty with my wife and our dogs Makisha and Penny.

Our first destination from Ebbetts Pass was Dorothy Lake.
Dorothy Lake
A closer look at the shoreline.
Dorothy Lake

Stev skiing above Dorothy Lake.

Next we headed to the ridge below Ebbetts Peak. From here we had a great view of Hiram Peak and Folger Peak (the peaks that surround Highland Lakes.) Here you can see Penny and Makisha with Hiram Peak and Folger Peak in the background.
Penny and Makisha

There is another great view in the opposite direction. Michele, Makisha and Penny hanging out above Sherrold Lake and Kinney Reservoir.
Michele, Makisha and Penny

The ridge is also the entrance to the four dragon chutes, Chinese Fireball Dragon Chute, Hungarian Horntail Dragon Chute, Swedish Short-Snout Dragon Chute, and Welsh Green Dragon Chute. (Yes, I am a big fan of the Harry Potter series.) I would ski the latter two chutes this day.

Stev starts down Swedish Short-Snout Dragon Chute...
...Penny follows...
Penny and Stev
...Penny and Stev exit Swedish Short-Snout Chute...
Penny and Stev

Two Stevs skiing Welsh Green Dragon Chute above Kinney Reservoir.
Stev and Stev
(This panorama was made from a sequence of three photos.)

I took a non-stop run all the way down to Kinney Reservoir. It is included as part of the following video.

Looking across Kinney Reservoir and up at Ebbetts Peak.
Kinney Reservoir and Ebbetts Peak

On the trip home we saw snow plants.
snow plant
snow plants

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