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  Ebbetts Pass, June 17, 2016
On this day I skied the other side of the pass for different runs and views.

Hiram Peak and Folger Peak await (as soon as Highland Lakes Road opens.)
Hiram Peak and Folger Peak

Another view.

Penny and Makisha are in the left foreground. Ebbetts Peak and Kinney Reservoir are in the background. (My first run was on the second snowpatch.)

Penny greets Stev.
Penny and Stev

Penny encourages Stev on another run.
Stev and Penny

Penny continues to lead the way.
Stev and Penny

Penny peals off to the side and Stev skis by.
Stev and Penny

Further down Penny follows.
Stev and Penny

A short video (slightly over two minutes.)

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