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Ebbetts Pass, Dorothy Lake, June 25, 2018

Michele, Makisha, Penny and I returned to one of our favorite places, Dorothy Lake. Dorothy Lake is a short hike above Ebbetts Pass.

Makisha watches Stev ski toward Dorothy Lake.
Makisha and Stev

Penny and Makisha follow Stev on the snowpatch above Dorothy Lake.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Stev skiing, Penny chasing, and Michele wading (Self-timer 1 of 2.)
Stev, Penny, and Michele

Stev skiing, Makisha chasing, and Michele wading.
Stev, Makisha, and Michele

Makisha sniffing her reflection below the snow overhanging the shore of Dorothy Lake.

Stev on his eighth run of the day...
...making a patriotic corn snow spray in front of the flag on top of Ebbetts Peak...

Photographing the photographer, Stev, along with Makisha.
Stev and Makisha
Flower photos can be seen next.

Makisha smelling a flower with my ski tracks in the background.

Photographing the photographer, Stev.
Penny and Stev
Penny's photo can be seen next.


Mother Nature's bouquet.

Photographing the photographer, Stev.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev
Penny and Makisha's photo can be seen next.
Penny and Makisha

Butterfly on flowers.

A beautiful day in many ways.

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