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Folger Peak, June 27, 2018

While skiing up at Dorothy Lake near Ebbetts Pass two days earlier we had a good view of the Folger Peak area. We noticed that the bowl below the looker's left ridge was still holding enough snow for a nice long run. I headed up with Makisha and Penny.

Penny loves the snow.

At the top of the patch I set up the camera for some self-timer photos.

Penny heads up (1 of 5)

Makisha wants Penny to head down. (2 of 5)
Makisha and Penny

Makisha and Stev (3 of 5)
Makisha and Stev

Stev, Makisha and Penny (4 of 5)
Stev, Makisha and Penny

Penny, Stev, and Makisha (5 of 5)
Penny, Stev, and Makisha

A panoramic view of the bowl and remnants of chutes below the looker's left ridge of Folger Peak.

After two runs from just below the top of the ridge we headed down following a stream that led to a skiable patch of snow below a little waterfall that brought us down to a quick five-minute walk back to the car.

It was nice to cool off and take a relatively long run for the end of June.

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