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  Hiram Peak, June 7, 2014

On the drive in we saw a lot of skunk cabbage and buttercups:



A panoramic view of Hiram's Back Bowl and Chutes:

View from the top of one of Hiram's Back Bowl Chutes:

Looking up at my first run of the day:


Penny and Makisha:
Penny and Makisha
Penny and Makisha

Lhasa Pows and ice crystals...

Ice crystals and Lhasa Pows...

Bootpacking up the Triangle Patch:

Video from the day:

AKA Highlights from 4 and a half hours of hiking and skiing near Highland Lakes in 4 and a half minutes.
A still from the video of Stev skiing the Triangle Patch:

The Lava Lamp Patch:

Looking across Upper Highland Lake at Hiram Peak:

We saw Folger Peak on the drive out.
A panoramic view of Folger Peak:

I have skied Folger Peak in the past and look forward to skiing it again in the future.

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