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Highland Lakes, Hiram Peak, June 18, 2018

Makisha and Penny joined me on a ski recon mission to Highland Lakes, Hiram Peak.

Looking across Upper Highland Lake at today's destination, Hiram Peak patches.

Penny, Makisha, and Stev on our second run (self-timer photo.)
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

My view of an excited Makisha and Penny on my third run. Upper and Lower Highland Lakes can be seen in the background along with the backside of Folger Peak.
Makisha and Penny

Stev, Penny and Makisha on our sixth run (self-timer photo.)
Stev, Penny and Makisha

Looking back across Upper Highland Lake apre-ski.

This was a successful recon mission. We found good snow at a place worth returning to.

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