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Highland Lakes, Hiram Peak, July 29, 2019

A zooming Zooey spraying corn snow on the approach

A stretching Zooey and a sitting Penny on the approach
Zooey and Penny

Penny enjoying a panoramic view from the top of the Triangle Patch

Stev and Penny skiing the Triangle Patch
Stev and Penny

Stev starting down the looker's left Glade Patch

(Top to bottom) Hiram Peak, my tracks on the Triangle Patch, Mid Lookers Left Patch, little waterfalls, Zooey and Penny
Hiram Peak, Triangle Patch, Zooey and Penny

Zooey and Penny on the Mid Patch
Zooey and Penny

Penny joining Stev and Zooey on the Lake Patch
Penny, Stev, and Zooey

Zooey and Penny follow Stev on the Lake Patch
Zooey, Penny, and Stev

Looking back at Hiram Peak and four of the five patches I skied
Hiram Peak

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