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Hiram Peak, Highland Lakes, June 23, 2018

After skiing some of the frontside patches earlier in the week, I returned with Michele, Makisha and Penny to explore some areas around the back bowl of Hiram Peak.

A panoramic view on the approach.

Stev on his first run of the day.

We traversed across the bottom of back bowl over to one of the beautiful pond areas.

Makisha watches, Stev skis, and Penny splashes.
Makisha, Stev, and Penny

Looking back from left to right. Makisha, Penny, and Michele, along with tracks made by Stev.
Makisha, Penny, and Michele

Penny and Makisha watch Stev ski toward the pond...
Penny, Makisha, and Stev
...then Penny and Makisha head toward Stev...
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Penny in from of the pond.

After taking three runs on the back bowl area, we headed back over the ridge to the frontside facing Highland Lakes.

Stev taking a selfie at the top of his fourth run of the day. Michele and Upper Highland Lake can be seen below.
Stev and Michele

Stev starts his fourth run of the day.

Stev on skier's right of the "Triangle Patch."

Stev heads down on his fifth run of the day.

This run brought us close to Highland Lakes where we cooled off.
Michele and Makisha in Lower Highland Lake.
Michele and Makisha

Days like today help Highland Lakes remain high on the to-do again list.

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