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Monitor Pass, Leviathan Peak, May 21, 2017

We returned to our "local" ski spot, Monitor Pass. It is only half an hour away from our home and the snow conditions are holding up pretty well. We would ski on the north ridge of Leviathan Peak.

Penny prior to our approach.

Snow melts my heart.

Stev on his first run.

Penny looks up at Michele and Makisha.
Michele, Makisha and Penny

Makisha striking a protective pose in front of a cairn.

Penny heading down the slope below the cairn.

Stev taking a second run.

On the third run Makisha "trots" toward Stev...
Makisha and Stev
...then Makisha turns toward Stev...
Makisha and Stev
...then Penny joins Makisha on an intercept course and Stev takes evasive action..
Makisha, Penny, and Stev
...Penny and Makisha call of the chase...
Penny and Makisha
...Stev skis further down...
...and considers the poossibilty of tree branch slalom...

Penny heads down while Makisha and Michele traverse below Leviathan Peak's North Ridge.
Michele, Makisha and Penny

Stev walking back toward Penny and Makisha after the third run.
Stev, Penny and Makisha

Michele's Tacomama takes us up to some nice views.

We headed down to Walker for an apre ski snack. Penny watches Stev and Makisha enter the garden at Walker Burger.
Penny, Stev and Makisha

Monitor Pass delivered creamed corn goodness again.

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