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Monitor Pass, April 28, 2018

Since the skiing was so good a week earlier, I returned to Monitor Pass with Makisha and Penny.

Penny is ready to start skiing (Self-timer 1 of 4)...
... Penny is really ready to start skiing (Self-timer 2 of 4)...
... Makisha joins us (Self-timer 3 of 4)...
Makisha, Stev, and Penny
... Makisha and Penny join in the fun of spraying corn snow (Self-timer 4 of 4)...
Stev, Makisha and Penny

Makisha is ready to get moving.

Skiing makes Penny jump for joy! (Self-timer 1 of 2)...
Stev and Penny
... Makisha follows while Penny adjusts her path. (Self-timer 2 of 2)
Makisha, Penny, and Stev

Looking back at the upper portion of the snowpatch on the northwest ridge of Leviathan Peak.

There is more snow below and on the other side of this ridge.

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