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Mt. Sputnik, March 2, 2018

Since there was enough snowfall to cover the slopes on Mt. Sputnik, a dawn patrol mission was in order.

Penny and Stev on Driveway Run (Self-timer 1 of 2)
Penny and Stev
Penny, Stev, and Makisha on Driveway Run (Self-timer 2 of 2)
Penny, Stev, and Makisha

Another angle of Penny and Stev on Driveway Run
Penny and Stev

Makisha leads Stev on the bootpack back up Driveway Run
Makisha and Stev

Stev and Penny skiing Sagebrush Glade
Stev and Penny
Stev and Penny

We all had a fun way to start the day as well as begin the 173rd consecutive month skiing.

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