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  October Patch, July 24, 2015
A four dog ski day (not a three dog night.)

Hazel watches Kierra shed some water:
Hazel and Kierra


Hazel trying to convince Kevin into converting his backpack into dog carry mode:
Hazel and Kevin
Hazel continues to lobby Kevin for a dog carry backpack conversion:
Hazel and Kevin


Hazel looks back while Kierra, Makisha and Penny check out the snow:
Hazel, Kierra, Makisha and Penny


Penny is excited to be skiing:
Stev and Penny
Stev and Penny

Penny looks the other way while Hazel and Kierra join Kevin on another bootpack:
Penny, Hazel, Kierra, and Kevin

Penny watching Kierra follow Kevin on another run:
Penny, Kierra, and Kevin

Penny resting between runs:

Kevin spraying corn snow with Hazel and Kierra in pursuit:
Kevin, Hazel and Kierra


Roundtop nearly empty of snow with about half a moon in the background:

Penny watches Kierra, Makisha and Hazel after cooling off in the creek:
Penny, Kierra, Makisha and Hazel 

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