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Roundtop, July 30, 2017

Having heard that Roundtop was still holding a lot of snow meant that I needed to ski it for myself along with my friend MJ.

MJ skiing the upper ODB/RZA combined patch.

MJ continues further down on the combined Inspecta Deck/Method Man Patch.

Stev skiing below Roundtop.

Stev skiing The Method Man Patch above Winnemucca Lake.

MJ skiing the "watermelon" snow.

Stev enters the top of the "I Beam."

MJ exiting the "I Beam."

Looking up at the "I Beam."

A 50 second long POV video of skiing the "I Beam" Chute with an original custom soundtrack:

Skiing I Beam 073017 (Medium) from Stev Fargan on Vimeo.

A panoramic view of Roundtop and the "I Beam" as pointed out by MJ from above the creek on the trail from Woods Lake.

We skied from the top of the snow at looker's right of Roundtop all the way down to the boulder giant slalom at the bottom of the "I Beam" with only one short portage to the top of the "I Beam."

A great day. The "I Beam" had some of the smoothest snow. It also looks like the area around Roundtop should continue to hold snow until it falls again at the beginning of next season.

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