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  Saddlebag Lake, June 27, 2014

Stev on the hike up:
North Peak can be seen in the background.

Carl, Stev and Makisha on the hike up:
Carl and Stev
One of the After Work Chutes can be seen above and behind my skis.

Stev bootpacking up Lower Greenstone:

Penny takes a break to cool off during the bootpack up Lower Greenstone:

Stev and Penny on Lower Greenstone...
Stev and Penny
Stev and Penny

Lower Greenstone panorama:

Saddlebag Lake panorama:

L to R Saddlebag Lake (far left), Greenstone Lake, After Work Chutes, Greenstone Chutes, Ponds, Lower Greenstone, Greg and Paul's Chute, Mt. Conness, North Peak

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