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  Saddlebag, July 28, 2013
"Big L Chute" near Lower Conness Lake

Makisha looks up at North Peak on the approach:

Looking back from above Lower Conness Lake:

Penny encourages Stev to get going...
Stev and Penny
...and Penny follows...
Stev and Penny

Makisha and Penny head up while Stev gets ready for another run:
Stev, Penny and Makisha

Makisha stalks the skier...
Makisha and Stev

Penny encourages Stev to start another run...
Penny and Stev
...Penny follows...
Penny and Stev
...Makisha suddenly appears...
Makisha, Penny and Stev
and she rapidly dashes down to join in...
Makisha, Penny and Stev

Makisha and Penny enjoy the view between runs:
Makisha and Penny


Looking back at the "Big L Chute"

A creek on the hike out:

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