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Sweetwater Mountains, July 4, 2017

My wife Michele and I celebrated Independence Day with our dogs Makisha and Penny by making a dusk patrol recon mission in the Sweetwater Mountains.

On the drive up we saw the RA RA tree.
RA RA Tree

Makisha and Penny cool up on the RA RA patch.
Makisha and Penny

After driving in further we found our desired destination.
Looking up at the zig-zag snowpatch up on the unnamed 10,452 ft. peak with the moon in the background. This patch provided around 700 feet of vertical.
10,452 ft. unnamed peak

A panoramic view from the top of the unnamed 10,452 ft. peak.

Tree roots near the top that must be worth 500 GNARL points for my wife Michele.

Penny and Makisha looking out across the ridge at the top.
Penny and Makisha

Makisha leaps with excitement about Stev starting to ski.
Makisha and Stev

Makisha, Penny, and Stev skiing the Sweetwaters.
Makisha, Penny, and Stev

Penny, Makisha, and Stev heading down with Lobdell Lake in the background.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Stev skiing above Lobdell Lake.

Stev skiing before the sun sets.

Stev, Penny and Makisha spraying corn snow before sunset.
Stev, Penny and Makisha

Stev watches Makisha getting a jumpstart.
Stev and Makisha

Penny, Makisha, and Stev skiing off into the sunset.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Stev skiing down with Lobdell Lake in the background.

Makisha watches and waits for Stev to take off his other boot at the Tacomama.
Stev and Makisha

A successful recon mission that was fun for all.

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