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The Nipple, July 2, 2018

Makisha and Penny joined me to start my 177th consecutive month skiing.

Penny crossing a snow bridge below the heart shaped break.

Makisha and Penny cooling off on a snow patch.
Makisha and Penny

After only 20 minutes we were at the top of a snow patch. Here I saw a little snow cave to explore.

Penny and Makisha try to convince me to try the top side of the snow.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Stev below the snow and Penny and Makisha above the snow.
Stev, Penny and Makisha

Makisha and Penny wonder why Stev is still exploring a little snow cave.
Makisha, Penny, and Stev

Penny, Makisha, and Stev synchronizing angulation.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Makisha marking ski tracks and paw prints.

Penny and Makisha let Stev know that they are ready for more skiing.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Stev and Makisha.
Stev and Makisha

Makisha and Stev.
Makisha and Stev

Stev continues on another run.

Penny, Stev, and Makisha.
Penny, Stev, and Makisha

A selfie with my tracks.

Looking up from the bottom of a run. The top of The Nipple is at the far upper right.

Penny, Makisha, and Stev skiing a lower east ridge run.
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

While the quantity of snow is dwindling, the quality of the snow remains smooth and fun to ski.

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