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The Nipple, August 15, 2017

I returned with Makisha and Penny to ski the Backside and the East Side Ridge of The Nipple.

Makisha and Penny with The Nipple in the background.
Makisha and Penny

Two self-timer photos of Penny, Makisha, and Stev on the first run (First Backside Patch.)
Penny, Makisha, and Stev
Penny, Makisha, and Stev

Penny and Makisha are ready for more skiing to start.
Penny and Makisha
Self-timer photos of Makisha, Stev, and Penny on the second run (First Backside Patch.)
Makisha, Stev, and Penny
Makisha, Stev, and Penny

Self-timer photo of Stev, Penny and Makisha on the fourth run (Upper Far East.)
Stev, Penny, and Makisha
Self-timer photo of Stev further down on the fourth run.

Looking up at The Nipple from the bottom of the Far East run.
The Nipple

We would take four more runs on our way back.

A moth next to the snow.

Makisha checking out the waterfall.

Since The Nipple is skiing so well, we keep coming back.

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