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The Nipple, "B-Cup Chute", June 28, 2017

After doing a recon ski mission two days earlier on Blue Lakes Road Ridge, I had a strong desire to head back and ski some of what I could see. The "B-Cup Chute" looked like it was filled in with smooth snow. Makisha and Penny were also excited to go.

Penny straitlining the lower portion of the "B-Cup Chute"

Makisha wants me to get going and head up to the top.

Looking up at The Nipple (upper looker's left) with Penny and Makisha in the foreground.
Penny and Makisha near The Nipple

Penny's profile and Makisha's tail on a set-up shot prior to self-timer photos.
Penny and Makisha

Makisha (self-timer 1 of 4)

Makisha and Stev (self-timer 2 of 4)
Makisha and Stev

Stev (self-timer 3 of 4)

Stev (self-timer 4 of 4)

A double dog selfie with Penny and Makisha.
Stev, Penny and Makisha

Video of my second run.

Skiing "B-Cup Chute" (Medium Resolution) from Stev Fargan on Vimeo.

I skied 7 more smaller patches on the way down after this. I'll be heading back to this area to explore more.

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