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  Wu-Tang Patch, August 2, 2009, Six

Spence is thinking Get Down Wit Me on the Inspectah Deck Patch.

Get Ya Weight Up

Bumpin' and Grindin'

Handle That

Word on the street is that Stev left no friction on INS.

The Ghostface Killah and Chef Raekwon Patches can be seen in the background.

1. Blue arrow - Ol' Dirty Bastard patch
2. Black arrow - RZA line on the Wu Tang patch
3. Yellow arrow - GZA line on the Wu Tang patch
4. Grey arrow - Ghostface Killah patch
5. Red arrow - Chef Raekwon patch
6. Brown arrow - Inspectah Deck patch
7. Orange arrow - Method Man patch
8. Green arrow- U-God patch
9. Purple arrow - Masta Killa's Hidden Chambers of Death

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