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  Wu-Tang Patch, August 2, 2009, Three

After the bootpack up, it is a Small Price, High Reward for Spence to ski GZA line of the Wu Tang Patch:

Spence sprays corn to show what is Beneath The Surface:

Stev pits his genius Lhasa stance against GZA's Run:

Stev's Snowboxing genius at work:

Stev continues his sparring on GZA:

The Lhasa vs. Liquid Sword:

Spence continues spraying an Amplified Sample of corn:

Spence pole plants with Hell's Wind Staff down GZA:

1. Blue arrow - Ol' Dirty Bastard patch
2. Black arrow - RZA line on the Wu Tang patch
3. Yellow arrow - GZA line on the Wu Tang patch
4. Grey arrow - Ghostface Killah patch
5. Red arrow - Chef Raekwon patch
6. Brown arrow - Inspectah Deck patch
7. Orange arrow - Method Man patch
8. Green arrow- U-God patch
9. Purple arrow - Masta Killa's Hidden Chambers of Death

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