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Dunderberg Peak, June 23, 2021

If you are a fan of pro wrestling, this could be described as an American Dream day - We drove up Dusty roads and I skied down (Virgil) Runnels and suncups.

A panoramic view of Dunderberg Peak, Jack's "Glacier" and Zooey
Dunderberg Peak, Jack's "Glacier," Zooey

Stev on his first run

Stev on his second run

Stev on his third run with Michele keeping cool in Jack's Pond
Stev and Michele

Stev and a leaping Zooey
Stev and Zooey

Hazel, Michele, and a resting Penny
Hazel, Michele, and Penny

Stev getting ready to bootpack up for another run

Hazel looking up at Stev on Jack's "Glacier"
Hazel and Stev

Zooey and a nearly hidden Hazel watching Stev skiing down Jack's "Glacier"
Zooey, Hazel, and Stev

Zooey and Hazel
Zooey and Hazel
Zooey and Hazel
Zooey and Hazel


Flowers at 11,000 feet

Looking back at Dunderberg Peak
Dunderberg Peak

We had some nice views of Mono Lake on our drive out
Mono Lake

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