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Golden Gate Bowl and Golden Gate Glade, April 7, 2021

NCC-1701-CC for cloud class

Zooey, Penny, and Hazel watch Stev start down Golden Gate Bowl
Zooey, Penny, Hazel, and Stev

Hazel watches a prancing Zooey follow Stev down Golden Gate Bowl
Hazel, Zooey, and Stev

Zooey continues to follow Stev down Golden Gate Bowl
Zooey and Stev
Zooey and Stev

Penny watching Michele snowshoeing and Hazel and Zooey sniffing
Penny, Michele, Hazel, and Zooey

Hazel watching Stev Fargan skiing a charred giant slalom run
Hazel and Stev

Stev skiing Golden Gate Glade

Hazel and Zooey wonder if Stev realizes he is about to run out of snow here soon
Hazel, Zooey, and Stev

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