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  Iceland, April 2, 2016
Ski Day Five, Akureyri, Hlidarfjall, Flight to Reykjavik

Arctic Heli Skiing in Iceland
Living a dream come true.

I was very fortunate to be the winner of Arctic Heli Skiing’s Lucky Leap Year Giveaway. The prize was a 4 Day Classic Heli Skiing Package. Besides amazing heli skiing, the package also included lodging at Klængshóll Lodge (true luxury in a rustic setting), all meals (delicious gourmet food prepared by a full-time chef), morning Yoga classes, full use of Lodge Spa facilities, as well as complimentary beer! Included in the many beer choices are a light and a dark beer with Arctic Heli Skiing’s private label made by a local brewery.

Some people may say that getting there is half the fun. I wouldn’t say this about a seven hour overnight flight to Iceland, but riding up in a helicopter for each scenic ski run to more untracked powder comes close.

After three amazing heli skiing days and one ski touring day, I had a chance to see what resort skiing in Iceland was like. Akureyri has a resort, Hlidarfjall that is about a 15 minute drive from town. They also sell lift tickets by the hour. This allowed me to get in a couple hours of skiing before my mid-afternoon flight to Reykjavik.

A magazine ad for Hlidarfjall

A "view" from the top of the mountain
When the clouds roll in visibility isn't the best. Even at 11 AM they had lighted runs with orange poles to mark the runs.

Video of one of my runs

My lift ticket and another "view"

Looking back toward Northern Iceland on my flight to Reykjavik

There is something fishy about this spa in Reykjavik

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