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The Nipple, June 15, 2021

Zooey and I returned to one of our favorite locations.

To start, we saw a couple of moths doing the wild thing

The backside of The Nipple as seen from Lower Blue Lake. I skied five of these snow patches.

Stev and a prancing Zooey...
Stev and Zooey
...Zooey and Stev...
Zooey and Stev


A selfie from the top of the "Near Backside" or "Leaping Lizard" Patch. I would ski the "Nearer Backside Patch" seen behind me and above my helmet later on.

Zooey checking my tracks out on the "Near Backside" or "Leaping Lizard" Patch from near the top of the "Nearer Backside Patch."

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